Silly Season

It’s that time of year again when everything is just so colourful and positive. It must be something to do with all that vitamin D! Only 6 weeks away till Christmas and the vege garden in finally delivering it’s promises!

I thought it was about time to let you all know about my foodie passion. Yes I love horses and from the design work I have done recently you can pick that up straight away! What I dream of designing is identity for those cute little businesses ventures often found at farmers markets. Passionate people slaving away making their jams, chutneys, decedent treats, garden delights, thirst quenching refreshments who might need a little help in the design department to create an identity for their story!

So I thought I’d share a few foodie projects I have spotted lately!

I’m not a great cook, much more a freestyler who chucks all the available ingredients together! But my lovely friend Summer Phillips has recently started her own blog Summer’s Naked Plate. This little gem is packed full of healthy and delicious meals, plus Summer is a fantastic writer and she humorously educates us about her choice of ingredients and the effect they have on our bodies. She writes in such a way that I don’t feel pressured about sticking to the recipe and so far each meal I have made has been a success! Keep an eye on this blog as I think Summer is on her way to great foodie heights! Possibly even a book as a few people have hinted.

I’m surrounded by food! Rodney is brimming with great food entrepreneurs! Boric Food Market has recently been rebranded and renovated and it is seriously impressive. From it’s humble beginnings in 1942 Borics are family owned and operated, and now their large red packing shed has been revamped and looks amazing. The outside has been stained black with huge cedar beams and inside the wide roof they house everything you could want from local vineyards, orchards, farms and seas. I definitely recommend a stop for those visiting the west or as a regular shop for locals!

It always pays to have something to mull over in the back of your mind and for me the research I did at university is such a thing. My research project eatLOCAL explored the relationships that people have with their food. Nowadays we are often somewhat disconnected  to the food that we put in our mouths. Lots of us eat food that is quick and easy to prepare, comes in a package, is prepared in an unfamiliar factory, is imported from a foreign country and is made up of a concoction of unpronounceable chemical ingredients.

The research I did concluded that the ultimate food relationship is to eat local food that is readily available and is in season. To present my findings I made four diecut quarters, one for each season and I crammed each one full of my research. This aimed at educating people about what is in season. It is only once people understand seasonal eating they can eat locally, or even better, from your very own garden. Check it out! All artwork was created by me, either photographed or etched with rotring pens.

So I have jumped on the band wagon that is Pinterest! I have always hoarded images and ideas but Pinterest is a great way to share them with everyone, gather references and research for possible projects. So check designed by CCC out on Pinterest, we are only small but have plans to keep “pinning!”

And to finish and just to show you that I have infact designed for a food establishment! At my old job at I did a variety of Sierra promotional posters and flyers. I was given the essential details, ie what food and beverages they wanted to serve and was left to illustrate this, check them out below.

So please pass my details on to anyone that might have a food project on the go, I’d love to have a cuppa with them and see if I can help out!


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