designed by CCC 1st Birthday!

designed by CCC 1st birthday!

So what do you do when it’s your birthday? You have a day off work and write a blog! 

I am very proud to have been operating as designed by CCC full time for exactly one year! My wee business has totally exceeded my expectations and has grown steadily over the year and has attracted heaps of great new clients and exciting work. My work load when I started out just covered me after leaving my old job and now it has almost tripled! 

So thank you for your support!

I would like to thank my regular and loyal clients that continually recommend me to their friends, family and acquaintances. It is so rewarding to see the cycle of where jobs originate from, so I thank you all for trusting in my abilities – you all know who you are 😉

Looking forward to many more years!

I absolutely love what I do and thought I would share with you all a few future goals for designed by CCC. By now you may have noticed that I am very much a foodie at heart and really want to sink my teeth into designing for this industry! So I plan to focus my energy into creating contacts (hint hint if you know of any foodies that need an enthusiastic designer flick me an email or pass my contact details on 🙂 But don’t worry any horsey people I will still be just as active as ever designing for you all!

My other passion is helping out “start up” businesses. I have collaborated with a diverse range of clients and particularly enjoy working with first timers to start up their very own business. It is a hugely rewarding process from the initial brainstorming of a business name right through to the launching of the new business and watching the business grow!

To wrap up I would like to thank my parents, family and my fiancée for continually supporting and encouraging me.

I urge any of you who have a small business idea to jump into it, start your own business and enjoy the ride!


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