Modern but Rustic Shed : design drawings

We are excited to share the design drawings for our future home. We have been working over the last couple of months with Queenstown based architects Hiberna who specialise in “passive house design.”

What we had in mind was a modest sized, “modern but rustic shed” that was “off grid”,  as eco-friendly as possible and within our budget.

The North and South sides and the roof will be clad in zincalume corrugate iron. The East and West gable ends will be NZ native or recycled timber board and batten. The Western side will include shading to keep the high summer sun from overheating the house. The Northern side includes a pergola for shading and it provides mounting space for solar panels. The house will have triple glazed wooden joinery to keep the warmth in during winter and cool during summer.

For the interior, we envision clean and uncluttered spaces with white or neutral colours. We will make the most of the grey colour of the concrete floor and add to this with concrete bench tops and similar coloured ceramic tiles. The timber joinery, stairs and visible timber collar ties in the ceiling will provide some natural timber highlights.

We have been enjoying researching and designing our home, we wanted a small understated structure on a vast landscape, a monopoly shaped small house with an open living area, big windows and doors to enjoy the landscape. Its modest at 65m2, with only one proper bedroom plus a loft for visitors. We are currently building a barn for storing ‘stuff,’ creating projects, housing horses etc!

Click on the images below to view full size 😉

North elevation
East elevation – to make the most of the morning sun, which will spill into our bedroom and loft
West elevation – big windows will make the most of the afternoon sun, stunning sunsets we get, lake views and neighbouring steep hills

South/East elevation – south “peep” windows for views across our land to the lake and mountain
North/West elevation


Some of our inspo!

inspo for the West windows

inspo for the East windows

inspo for the West windows, timber shading (though we want vertical battens)

inspo of concrete benches, bath, possibly corrugate features inside…

clean & white walls/ceiling with natural/blonde wooden doors

inspo for a concrete kitchen bench top

inspo for the West windows, timber shading

inspo for the cladding, zincalume corrugate iron with timber features

inspo for the loft balustrade which will also be my desk/office space

Hopefully, council consent doesn’t take too long and we can start sharing pictures of our build process shortly.

To learn more about passive houses see the links below

Passive House Institute New Zealand 
Passive House for New Zealand – Jessop Architects
Better Construction | your eHaus 


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