A blog about BLOGS!

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Lately I have been noticing the popularity of personal interest or lifestyle blogging. It is becoming the “in” thing to do! I have been lucky to be a part of the brainstorming and designing of  two blogging projects, Summer Phillip’s “Summer’s Naked Plate” and Kea Week’s “Welcome Home.” Summer's Naked Plate

Summer is a chef by trade who moved away from the hospitality scene for a number of years untill mid way through last year she jumped onto the wordpress blogging scene and hasn’t looked back! She writes in such a way that not only inspires you to make her healthy meals, but educates and humors you all in one – the ingredients jump off the screen and urge you to cook!

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Welcome Home is a very new blog by Kea Weeks. Kea quietly gets stuck into encouraging all things home grown and home made. A girl from the country, Kea wants to introduce her audience to the fun that can be had by creating your own special place at home. Kea blogs about what she is growing, eating and making, so welcome to Welcome Home – a place for great things!

These two talented girls and many others show that if you put in the enthusiasm and time to share your passion, you will attract a like-minded audience that eagerly anticipates your inspirational blogs!


So why blog?
Blogging is all about sharing and most bloggers are inspired to share their interests. Blog’s often portray a small chunk of a blogger’s life, they have a human relationship element and as humans we are drawn (often obsessed) about knowing what other people are up too! As people are so interested in what you are up to, they follow your blog and a readership is created. So with a hungry audience what is next? Why don’t you use your blog for promoting your own business? It seems a no-brainer to create a business from something you are passionate about and blogging is an easy, low cost and accessible advertising medium for most first time business ventures!

How to make business from blogging?
Firstly I have noticed that every time I blog my website statistics soar, a steady dozen visitors per day climbs up to the 100 mark when I blog. This is one great reason to blog, as regular traffic to your website is a great selling point to potential advertisers. When advertising on your blog, keep in mind that advertising needs to complement your blog.

Another good reason to blog is that google search engines rank websites highly that “provide new, compelling and useful content.” Therefore the more blogging the higher your website will show in a google search – which is always a bonus!

Thirdly blogging will hone your writing and photography skills so much that you just might get employed for other writing opportunities… magazines, guest blogging, etc etc


Design/style of blogs
So hopefully by now I have inspired you to dive into the world of blogging lets look into the aesthetics! Blogs are often primarily visual, with a romantic mood, soft focused, DIY, send out positive vibes, nostalgic and authentic. It is these qualities that entice the viewer to come back for more and continue to be inspired! So grab your trusty old camera, utilize photoshop or even istagram and give those fingers a work out on your keyboard!

Blogs I’m following (at the moment):
Made from Scratch
An Eventful Life
Summer’s Naked Plate
Welcome Home
Lucy Olive
Fancy New Zealand Design Blog
Paper & Lace
Coralee & Alex
Outstanding in the Field
Bank & Doringcourt and many more!

So go on, you know you want too! Everyone can find an audience for anything! So what gets you up in the morning…?


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