designed by CCC 3rd Birthday!


How quickly another year has flown by! I am very proud to have been operating as designed by CCC full time for exactly three years! But rather disappointed that my last blog was exactly a year ago celebrating my 2nd birthday (I better sort that out!) Continue reading designed by CCC 3rd Birthday!

Sharing is Caring – Guest Blog by Summer’s Naked Plate


My very wonderful friend Summer Phillips of Summer’s Naked Plate offered to cook in my home and feature as a guest blogger, so see below the exquisite meal we were treated to! I definitely did relax as Summer took control of everything, I managed to arrange the table but I don’t think I can really lay claim to much of the wonderful meal! I would love for Summer to cook every night in my home. Continue reading Sharing is Caring – Guest Blog by Summer’s Naked Plate

A blog about BLOGS!

nostalgic_paper_picture_series_26_169273 copy

Lately I have been noticing the popularity of personal interest or lifestyle blogging. It is becoming the “in” thing to do! I have been lucky to be a part of the brainstorming and designing of  two blogging projects, Summer Phillip’s “Summer’s Naked Plate” and Kea Week’s “Welcome Home.”  Continue reading A blog about BLOGS!