Wow what a year!


This year has absolutely flown by! I have just looked back on my last year’s Christmas blog titled “The best year yet!” and I think it is safe to say this year has been just as brilliant! I may not have been given another sparkly ring or won another fancy horse, but all the great things that happened in 2012 have flourished and continually keep me excited for many more fantastic years!

Probably one of the best things this year has been running my own business for one whole year on September the 16th 2013.

Of the huge variety of projects I have worked on this year, a few really stand out (probably because I spent so long on them!) and these are the ones to watch for the future. Equestrian Entries ~ Your complete online competition resource, All In Communications by Nicky Felton, Welcome Home ~ encouraging all things home grown. Bank & Doringcourt ~ Andrea Bank, currently training hard in Germany and Britta Anna Pedersen about to jet off to the USA.

I am ever grateful to the equestrian industry for the steady stream of design work of which I help out both athletes and establishments to look more professional so they can get on with their riding!!!

Arlington-Equestrian_logo_white-background2 Stable-Sales_logo_final et-Audax-sporthorses_black


This year I have designed three logos pro bono where I can, these include NZ Event Riders Association, Auckland Equestrian Sports and NZPCA Champs. It has been rewarding giving back to the sport which gives me so much pleasure and definitely fueled a lifelong addiction!

It has been a busy time of late, the last two weeks has seen me cranking out 5 logos! I can’t tell you about each one quite yet but here are a few that have gone live! Alice Montgomery Eventing (NZ rider based in the UK) and Augusta Clarke Eventing (Australian event rider) plus a few more so keep an eye out for more logos designed by CCC. I have found it very exciting to work with international clients and so to make the process easier I have introduced Paypal.

I would like to say a huge thank you to my two regular clients Halliday & Baillie and Cachet. Both of whom require my services on a monthly basis and help me feed my cat, dog, two horses and both Brent and I 😉 These both often go under the radar with their design work but have been instrumental in the growth of designed by CCC.

Lastly I am very proud to show off a particularly cool project for me, Critter Creek! Critter Creek is a country retreat for your pet, which was established in 1980, opposite Boric Food Market and Blossoms Café down Brigham Lane in Riverhead/Kumeu. In its hayday it was a popular destination for city folk on the weekends taking kids to the country to play with critters. They even had a café that served devonsire tea and scones! Critter Creek has a great name and everyone seems to have heard of it and I am excited to play a part in reviving what was a really neat place. I still remember the jingle “take me meow, take me meow, take me meow to Critter Creek.”


My job for Critter Creek was to design a new logo. I was briefed to create a “more country, critter-like and welcoming logo.” Once the logo was finalized, signage, stationery and staff teeshirts were next. The website and facebook page are set to go live end of January. This has been a very rewarding project, having collaborated with a great team of people working on an excellent project that I can add to my portfolio. Remember if you ever need your pet to be looked after, go no further than Critter Creek!

My foodie hints have paid off! I am proud to present Espresso Cornerowned and operated by the lovely Asli! This is a brand new espresso bar in Victoria Park Market that serves both organic coffee and homemade baking. If Paper Moon and the Black Cottage Café are anything to go by “Espresso Corner” is guaranteed to be a huge success, as Asli’s sister Banu owns both of these popular eateries. Quality cafes run in the family!


Pheew its been a big year! I am finally signing out for a couple of weeks for some rest and relaxation. I will be back on the 6th of January ready for an exciting 2014. Thanks to everyone that has helped, encouraged and supported me this year, you are all wonderful people! Merry Christmas and here’s to an excellent New Year!

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