designed by CCC 5th birthday & we are moving!!!

I’m pretty proud to have reached the 5 year mark in my business!

The past 5 years have whizzed past and I have gained invaluable experience that I feel enables me to confidently advise clients in all areas of design. My work now includes; helping start up businesses, keeping regular and returning customers going, doing social media management, marketing and project management. I am always up for a new challenge and welcome any projects that will help to advance my growing skill set.

My husband Brent and I have some very exciting news to share!… we are moving to Taupo!!!

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Wow what a year!


This year has absolutely flown by! I have just looked back on my last year’s Christmas blog titled “The best year yet!” and I think it is safe to say this year has been just as brilliant! I may not have been given another sparkly ring or won another fancy horse, but all the great things that happened in 2012 have flourished and continually keep me excited for many more fantastic years! Continue reading Wow what a year!