designed by CCC 5th birthday & we are moving!!!

I’m pretty proud to have reached the 5 year mark in my business!

The past 5 years have whizzed past and I have gained invaluable experience that I feel enables me to confidently advise clients in all areas of design. My work now includes; helping start up businesses, keeping regular and returning customers going, doing social media management, marketing and project management. I am always up for a new challenge and welcome any projects that will help to advance my growing skill set.

My husband Brent and I have some very exciting news to share!… we are moving to Taupo!!!

Don’t worry! My work will continue as normal… more about that later.

Just before Christmas last year we purchased 23 acres of bare land 10 minutes from Kinloch, Taupo. The land provides wonderful southerly views of Lake Taupo, the Kaimanawa ranges and the central North Islands volcanic peaks. We have had some great weekends down there camping with friends and family and have decided we love it so much that we want to move down there earlier than originally planned (in time for Christmas 2017).

So far we have done some fencing, planted native trees, explored the Kinloch area, frequented the Storehouse Café, have shared some epic campfire BBQs and have had an introduction to farming (thanks Sophie).

Our old faithful 1967 Crusader caravan fondly known as “Blueberry” has been holding the fort and providing some crisp Taupo winter camping accommodation haha!!! She really is a gem and we love her to bits so we are going to become “gypsies” as of Christmas and pray for Summer weather.

A big thanks goes out to my Mum and Dad who have been so hospitable for the last 10 years while we have been living at their beautiful Coatesville lifestyle property. This has enabled me to keep my riding passion going, start my business and allowed us to “get ahead” with purchasing our first Auckland property 4 years ago. We currently have it on the market so we can put some money into the Taupo block, lets hope it sells so we can move and not be gyspies for too long 😉 As much as we have loved the Coatesville life we have long yearned for our own bit of land. Hence the Taupo land purchase and planned move.

I hear you say WHY Taupo so here’s our list…

  • Great North Island central base for holidaying and enjoying our passions: competing horses (Chanel) and deer hunting (Brent)
  • Lake life – I grew up enjoying weekends at my grandparents bach just out of Turangi and my parents had a lake bach on Lake Rotiti so its fair to say I’m a fresh water/lake lover! Brent may just have to pop over to the Coromandal and visit his parents bach at Martins to get his spear fishing fix!!! But who knows, I reckon trout fishing might become his thing 😉 Plus we love the relaxing lake & boating activities on offer during summer.
  • Under 2 hours to Hawkes Bay = wineries!!!
  • No mud – after this winter I’m happy to know I won’t have to deal with anymore muddy winters!!! Yay for being able to ride on our land all year around 😉
  • We love the South Island and feel Taupo offers a similar alpine feel, without moving to the SI just yet!
  • Mountains – I’m keen to upskill in the skiing department and we are looking forward to purchasing mountain bikes and enjoying the bike trials that Taupo has to offer. Plus Brent’s growing passion for the outdoors, he’s keen to explore (and drag me around) the central NI landscapes with rifle in hand.
  • Affordability! This should enable us to both have that work-life balance that I so enjoy.

The beauty of my little business being so mobile means it will be an easy transition to Taupo and my work will continue as per usual. I imagine I will be regularly visiting Auckland to see family, friends and clients, so if the need arises I will be available for meetings for my Auckland clients 😉 I am too looking forward to being a part of the Taupo community and offering my services to some new clients down here.

Brent is super excited to bring his creative and project management skills together and set our property up, including building our home! We have been enjoying researching and designing our home, we want a small understated structure on a vast landscape. A monopoly shaped small house with open living areas, big windows and doors to enjoy the landscape, one bedroom with a loft for visitors and we want it to run off solar and wind power.

Some homes thatt we like the look of… click on the below to view more pictures

We are pretty sold on building a “passive house.” Passive house is a German design standard that incorporates quality insulation and ventilation, coupled with good design layout and well-considered aspect to the sun. The results are a house that is constantly full of fresh air but maintains a consistent temperature of 19-23 degrees no matter the outside weather conditions. This gives a high standard of health and comfort in the home. So while it is a little more expensive to build initially, the results are an ultra-low energy home that requires little energy for heating or cooling, saving money in the long term.

To learn more about passive houses see the links below

Passive House Institute New Zealand 
Passive House for New Zealand – Jessop Architects
Better Construction | your eHaus 

So all in all, it’s a very exciting life. Thank you very much for your support and we look forward to sharing our new journey with you all!!!


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