Who doesn’t love being able to hand out their business cards! There is still a vital place for stationery to play in this online world.

Once your logo has been designed it is straightforward to roll out your logo onto your beautiful stationery! (see bottom of page for stationery pricing)Business Cards, letterheads, flyers, brochures, posters, print ads – what else would you like…?

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Stationery Costs

Business Cards $140

  • Include contact details, logo, website, hours, possibly services on reverse
  • Supplied double sided and print ready
Letterhead $70
  • Include contact details, logo, website
  • Supplied single sided and print ready plus in a word template

Posters $140

  • Include contact details, logo, website, hours, possibly services on reverse
  • Supplied single sided and print ready
    Price subject to content & client brief

Flyer or Brochure

  • Simple flyer DL or A5 double sided (including logo, contact details, photo/s, services, map creation) $140 – $210
  • 2 panel DL brochure $280
  • 3 panel DL brochure $280- $350

Please note printing is not included in any of the above, but happy to arrange quotes if required